Bledsoe RK424001 Crossover FC ACL TT XS

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Bledsoe RK424001 Crossover FC ACL TT XS
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The Bledsoe Crossover FC knee brace is designed for mild and moderate sprains and strains, and meniscus injuries. Bledsoe offers several carcass designs for every patient: Classic Pull-On, Front Closure/Wraparound, and Hybrid design.
Features include:
Removable and adjustable patellar buttress can be positioned and trimmed for multiple applications (Classic Pull-on and FT designs)
Pull-Tabs ease brace application
Mesh popliteal for patient comfort
Lightweight and low-profile TriTech for breathability or 3D Neoprene for warmth and maximum compression
Standard 15.5" length for maximum control or short 13.5" length
Optional Post-Op hinge (FC design)
For mild ACL, PCL, and MCL sprains, menisci and patellar retinaculum injuries, and mild instabilities.
How to Measure
Off-the-Shelf: Measure 6” (15 cm) above mid-patella while standing.
Thigh Circumference Size Length Crossover FC
TriTech Neoprene
(34 cm - 41 cm) XS Standard RK424001 RK324001
(41 cm - 48 cm) S Standard RK424003 RK324003
(48 cm - 57 cm) M Standard RK424005 RK324005
(57 cm - 62 cm) L Standard RK424007 RK324007
(62 cm - 69 cm) XL Standard RK424009 RK324009
(69 cm - 75 cm) 2XL Standard RK424011 RK324011